Custom Snake Belly Bracelet - Choose Colors

Custom Snake Belly Bracelet - Choose Colors
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This is by far the most difficult bracelet to ever be created. Anyone who has watched the video knows that it requires 5 to 7 looms and there is no such a thing as correcting a mistake on this bracelet. It takes about 3 hours to fully complete and it is the most intricate design. Not everyone has 5 to 7 looms and even with it, it is close to impossible to make. We can make you a custom snake belly, made by the designer himself. The first thing you need to do is measure your wrist by taking a string and wrapping it around your wrist and then measure the string. Next, choose your colors, options are below. We will make it perfectly and ensure it is clipped to perfection and will even provide you with a picture prior to shipping. Please be specific on which color you would like. All information must be provided in the notes section at check out. Turnaround time for bracelet to be made is 4 days. Please note, there are no warranties with these bracelets. We will ensure they are made to be as durable as normal bracelets but we make no guarantees that the will withstand extreme tension. To avoid the bracelet breaking, ensure you have a bracelet that is slightly larger than your wrist made. To repair a bracelet will cost $10.00 plus shipping. Please call us for this service.

Colors to choose from are:

JELLY Navy Blue
JELLY Lime Green
JELLY Yellow
JELLY Purple
Dark Green
JELLY Turquoise
JELLY Ocean Blue
Olive Green
Neon Green
Glow in the dark
Neon Orange








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