Jake's Magical Tiki Hideout

Jake's Magical Tiki Hideout
Brand: Fisher Price
Product Code: Y4605
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The Hide Out is a key location in Never Land where Jake and his Pirate crew live. The Hide Outcomes to life in this new TV driver playset that is packed with exiting Pirate action and innovativefeatures. The playset includes a magical Tiki. This Magical Tiki is not just an ordinary Tiki,Place the magical tiki onto any one of the 3 "X" spots on the playset. Press the tiki button and watch the magical action begin as the Tiki magically powers the Hide Out's features. Place the Magical Tiki on the X by the front entrance and watch as the palm trees spread apart revealing the Hide Outs secret entrance way to allow Jake and his crew in. Place the magical tiki on the X near the top of the Hide Out and watch as the Hide out transforms and opens up as 2 balconies fold out from the Hide Out. A working Cannon and Crane can be placed on the balcony Jake can use the magical Tiki to slide up and through the top of the hide out on the crows nest to keep a look out for Captain Hook.  It comes wit

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